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So Sorry again for all the expired requests!  I was orriginally internet-less for a month, and now it appears that deviantart nolonger includes group notifications among the messages a the top of the page - something which I didn't realise till just now when it seemed like it had been a rather long time without seeing any group notifications, so I went to the page and happened to find where the group messages now are.  I feel so bad! I remember getting notices for the group up at the top before, so I don't really know what happened.  Anyways, my sincere appologies to all of you who have been waiting for responces that have been neglected.  From now on I'll try to remember to go to my group messages whenever I check my own notes here instead of waiting for them to show up someplace.  I've sent add requests to all those whose submissions expired.  Thank you so much for submitting and joining, and for your patience!
This Group is meant to be an oasis of green for you.  While most of us probably don't live out among the trees, looking at pictures of green hills, shady forrests, mossy rocks, and woodland streams is refreshing, revitalising, and inspiring.  The cool yet vibrant colour green brings new life to one's spirit and rest for one's eyes.  I am certain that papering my walls in green pictures, and gazing at them online has helped keep me sane in the midst of the busy and often ugly city life.  Thus I decided to create a place specifically devoted to photos of nature that are filled with this beautifull colour.  

Share your refreshing photos with others, or stop by for a long drink of cool water for the soul.  

:shamrock::shamrock::w00t: Go Green! :w00t::shamrock::shamrock:

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